Babies are priceless, but taking care of them can cost a bundle. New moms and dads know that every penny counts. In the first year, many families spend over $12,000 on gear and supplies for their little ones. We’ve done the bargain hunting for you because we know time is precious when you’re feeding, changing, burping, and swaddling your new baby. Check out our top deals today!

SmartyPants Kids Formula Daily Multivitamins

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Discount: Save 44% on a 30-day supply

SmartyPants gummies are made with all-natural flavors derived from sources like spices, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The gummies taste extra yummy without any synthetic colors, artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Review: “I have been buying these vitamins for my toddler for ages now! She is a very picky eater (only eats ONE thing!) and the doctor suggested we take everything else in the form of pills-THESE vitamins! We have tried numerous others over the years and she hated them; everything had to be a fight. And then, God took pity on me and we discovered this product. She loves it, takes it gladly every single day and even asks for it if I forget. So, do yourself a favor and try it! Totally worth it! (From one desperate parent to another)”

-Sonia Rompoti

Vulli Sophie The Giraffe Teethers

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Discount: Save 25%

Sophie la girafe is perfect for a baby’s small hands. The toy is light and easy for babies to grip. Sophie la girafe can be used for soothing physiological and emotional responses.

Review: “Everywhere and I wondered what the big deal was and now I know! These are perfect for teething and designed specifically for the different stages of teething. The little ears are perfect when their front teeth are coming in, and the feet are great for molars! Plus she’s really cute.”


Philips Avent Soothie Pacifiers 

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Discount: Save 33% on a four-pack

The Philips Avent Soothie pacifier is used by medical professionals to soothe newborns in hospitals nationwide. It’s made of BPA-free, medical grade silicone, and it has a unique one-piece design that makes it easy to clean.

Review: “My newborn took right to these pacifiers immediately and they save us regularly when she wakes up mid-nap and we need to get her back to sleep. I also like that you can stick your finger gently in the middle to help the baby hold on to the pacifier while they are falling asleep (she wakes up immediately if it falls out too early).”


Splashin Kids Inflatable Tummy Time Water Mat

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Discount: Save 32%

The Splashin Kids water fill playmat is an essential tool for developing solid head, neck and shoulder muscles. It also hones hand-eye coordination, fine motor and social skills. This water mat is made from Heavy Duty PVC that has been thoroughly tested.

Review: “My three month old LOVES this! Very engaging and makes tummy time fun. Yes, it had an awful odor at first. I put it in the garage to air out for a few days and the smell is completely gone. I wiped it down with some natural cleaner and feel like it’s safe for my baby. He’s not putting it in his mouth.”

-Robbie Jane 

Pearhead Newborn Hand And Foot Clean-Touch Ink Pad Kit

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Discount: Save 57%

Capture and preserve your baby’s prints forever with Pearhead’s DIY kit! The nontoxic ink pad is 100% baby safe. Plus, the baby’s hand or foot never touches the ink. This makes an amazing gift for any new or soon-to-be parents in your life! 

Review: “This is awesome. Highly recommend it. Easy to use. Our little one is almost five months old so her hand is on the bigger side and her thumb almost doesn’t fit. I wouldn’t suggest waiting any longer to get the prints. You can get more than two prints. We didn’t have more card stock so we just used a file folder. Lol”

-Amazon Customer

Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack

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Discount: Save 62%

The Ruvalino bag is a multi-functional baby bag that can also be a stylish travel carry-on backpack after your baby grows up.

Review: “I was skeptical at first but read a lot of reviews and went with this purchase. Now that I have this bag in my hands, it is well worth it! I am so amazed at the space, size and compartments this bag has. Even a changing pad!! Highly recommend this diaper bag. It’s sturdy, stylish and sufficient for all baby and parent needs. Can NOT make this up! One of the best purchases so far!”


Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes

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Discount: Save 40% on a 12-pack

Huggies unscented baby wipes are made with pure water, and enriched with aloe & vitamin E. They’re safe for sensitive, newborn skin and feature a triple layer construction that helps lock in wetness. These wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and pH-balanced to help maintain healthy skin.

Review: “This whole box lasted me six months for one baby. New mom here and I found it great that I had a box full and at a great price. I save money and the product works great with my baby. No irritations or problems with running out. Great way to save.”

-Bethany Faith Lebehn

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