Stocking stuffers are often treated as last-minute trinkets. But let’s be honest—nobody wants deodorant and a pair of white socks in their stockings. This year, give your loved ones an extra-special something. From fancy eye masks to linen towels and candles, find the perfect stocking stuffers for your loved ones!

Cactus Tealight Candles

Credits: Amazon

This cute cactus candle pack comes with twelve candles so you can add one or two in everyone’s stocking.

Review: “I am using the mini cacti candles for my daughter’s bridal shower. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the product. There was a minor mix-up with the order; I couldn’t believe how fast the company contacted me to straighten things out! I would definitely buy this product again if needed, and I would definitely buy them from this seller! 2 people found this helpful.”

-Rona Donley

Set of 3 “Character Poop” Mint Tins

Credits: Amazon

Both adults and kids will laugh at these “poop” mint tins that come in wintergreen, chocolate mint, and peppermint.

Review: “These are a little expensive but were a great fun, stocking stuffer. I gave one to each of my parents and bought one for my own  stocking. They are very cute and a humorous way to have breath mints. There’s a white one called “snowman poop” where the mints are white, a green one where the mints are green for the “elf poop,” and brown ones for the “reindeer poop”… VERY CUTE NOVELTY GIFT.”

-L Schmid

Cold Beer Coats

Credit: Uncommon Goods

A cool, insulated sleeve to keep your drink cold and your hands warm.

Review: “If you’re looking for a present that says, “I like you, and you like beer, but I’m underage and can’t buy you a beer” then look no further. This alcohol-adjacent style icon is the perfect accessory for your beer-loving, Patagonia-wearing, eclectic but outdoorsy friend. With Gucci-level craftsmanship and a top-tier design, this winter coat puts my North Face to shame. Not to mention it was a hit with the Christmas crowd. The vibrant colors and uncannily accurate miniature construction make for a funny and functional – if not memorable – alcohol adornment. 10/10, would dress up the beer can again.”


18-in-1 Credit Card Sized Multi Tool

Credits: Amazon

This multi-functional tool can tackle different tasks, from opening bottles to fixing a loose eyeglass screw.

Review: “Such a cool tool! Has so many different uses and genuinely fits in a wallet. I’ve been using this for several months now, and it has come in handy SO many times. Check out the video review!! Don’t snooze on this wallet ninja. You won’t even know it’s in your wallet till you need it, and you’ll be glad to have it. 5/5 – really durable too!”

-Soyang Olivier

Collapsible Popcorn Popper

Credits: Amazon

Calling all movie lovers and snackers: This bowl lets you make instant microwavable popcorn without waste and is collapsible for easy storage.

Review: “I basically bought this as a joke thinking it would work only marginally at best. Surprise, surprise. It was way better than I ever expected. Pops corn with or without oil, and most of the seeds pop. Of course, you need to adjust the time on your own microwave, but for me, 2 minutes and 40 seconds works just fine for a half bowl.

Never liked microwave popcorn, I can always taste the bag, but this baby works without the bag.”

-Ronald Uchman

Head Lightz Beanie

Credits: Amazon

This tie-dye beanie with a rechargeable light is perfect for walking a dog, running, camping, or even in a power outage.

Review: “We camp & hike a lot & love this hat. The light is super bright. We have purchased headlamps before and have been disappointed, but not this time. We ended up buying more gifts. I would highly recommend it for campers & hikers.”

-Courtney Ramire

Cooling Eye Mask

Credits: Amazon

Tired moms will love this little luxury—a cooling mask that helps soothe puffy under-eyes.

Review: “As someone who suffers from lots of headaches (hormonal, air pressure changes, migraines), this is a lifesaver! Applies just the right amount of pressure. The Velcro strap allows you to wear it on your forehead while you’re awake. It adds pressure to your eyes. Great for travel, daytime naps, or meditation. Even bought one for my mom and roommate.”


Farm-to-Bottle Microdose Hot Sauce

Credit: Uncommon Goods

For the person who can’t make it through a meal without asking, “Do you have hot sauce?”

Review: “Absolutely amazing present idea. These hot sauces are so cute! They’re a great size, and the variety makes them a perfect gift for any hot sauce enthusiast! Such a cool idea, and sure to make whoever receives these very happy!”


Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Wrap Towel

Credits: Nordstrom

Change someone’s hair routine with this thin towel designed to cut drying time in half and reduce frizz.

Review: “I had previously purchased an Aquis hair turban at a local discount store which I have been using for several years. Upon receipt of this new turban, I noticed it is two to three times as large. Prefer this size, I may have to wrap it several times, but it fits so much better. It is also softer, and my hair does seem to dry faster when I have it on. Love this turban.”


Women of Change Gift Set

Credits: Amazon

As if the packaging wasn’t enough, these bath bombs are handcrafted by women with disabilities, in recovery, or who need a second chance. This gift is an inspiring and fragrant treat.

Review: “My daughter loved these! They also gave us a nice opportunity to talk about the contribution of each woman in history. A win-win! The packaging is gorgeous with the little design cutouts on the side.”


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