In the first week of June 2021, the IRS reached a major milestone: about $1.4 billion in paper checks were sent, as part of the third stimulus package, to millions of qualified Americans. This is in addition to the direct deposit payments that the IRS has already made so far, this June. That said, many people are still waiting to receive their checks. 

If you are an eligible American who missed their third stimulus check, there could, in fact, be an issue with your payment. For instance, you could be experiencing a delay in your mail delivery, or your direct deposit information that is with the IRS may be incorrect. There may also be other problems if you are a recipient of veteran, SSI, or SSDI benefits. It’s also possible that you may have already received a letter from the IRS stating your payment was sent but you never received it. 

Regardless of why you haven’t received your payment, we’ll explain what you can do. 

Track your check using the IRS Get My Payment tool

If you are yet to receive your third stimulus check, it is worth visiting the IRS’s Get My Payment portal that will track the status of your payment. It should indicate when your check will be processed and how you will receive it.

What if you are having a direct deposit issue with your bank account?

If your check has bounced or the IRS tried to send your check to a bank account that is now closed, your payment has likely returned to the IRS. In this case, the IRS may mail your check to the current address it has on file for you. If the check is also returned to the IRS, you will be able to enter your banking details in the Get My Payment tool, after which you will receive your check. 

If you have received confirmation about your payment being released, you can request the IRS for a payment trace.

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