PhotoZoom HD’s Pixel Pro lens has gone viral in the United States. It’s selling out outrageously fast, and we wanted to find out why…

Works on any smartphone

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Big-name tech companies have been ripping off consumers with expensive price tags on their new gadgets. Despite the price, many of these devices come with few unique features. But PocketZoom HD, a tech startup, is now turning the billion-dollar camera market topsy-turvy. 

The company has found a way to offer a high-quality 8x zoom lens that works on pretty much any smartphone at an affordable price. Yes, it’s true. The product costs about a fraction of what competitors charge. 

The secret is the lens’ triad prisms


If you’ve experimented with other zoom lenses for smartphones, you likely think there’s no way that such a device can take superior-quality photos. But PhotoZoom HD’s 8x zoom lens with a triad optics package will surprise you. 

Inside every PhotoZoom HD Pixel Pro lens are a complete set of triad prisms that are all glass. These multi-reflectors are designed to allow for 8x zoom magnification, despite the product itself being relatively small. It’s so small that it can, in fact, fit in your palm or your pocket. 

You can carry it anywhere


You’ve likely never seen anything like the PhotoZoom HD Pixel Pro lens so far. The lens itself is under 3″ long, and it weighs less than two ounces. These factors make it incredibly easy for people to carry around the lens with them, regardless of where they are traveling. 

The lens comes with universal clip technology that allows you to use it on any smartphone. This means you don’t have to worry about purchasing a brand-new device to use the Pixel Pro lens. 

Using it is extremely simple

Credit: Pexel

With the PhotoZoom HD Pixel Pro lens, you can experience 8x magnification that will allow you to shoot videos and take photos of objects that are located far away. 

Whether you’re driving in the countryside, passing through a busy city, or are out at a sporting event, there’s nothing this lens can’t capture for you. With this amazing lens, you never have to worry about missing a moment. The adjustable zoom allows you to take high-quality still images and videos wherever you go. 

Taking care of the PhotoZoom HD Pixel Pro lens


The lens is made with durable glass, making it apt for taking along with you for outdoor activities and travel. All other accessories that you may need to keep the lens protected and the optics clean are included in the package. 

For instance, buyers will receive a microfiber cleaning cloth (to use in case you spot any fingerprints on the lens), lens caps, etc. 

You’ll never have to worry about lugging your bulky DSLR everywhere or purchasing expensive cleaning products, thanks to the PhotoZoom HD Pixel Pro lens. 

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